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On December 3, 2007 Jefferson Bank of Florida opened our doors with the confidence of over 300 shareholders. This page is dedicated to keeping our shareholders informed. On this page you will see what our meaningful partnership is creating.

Click on the links below to view and print our Anuual Reports and Newsletters. To have a 2014 Annual Report mailed to you or to be added to our monthly newsletter mailing list, e-mail Tammy Brigmond at or call 813-749-2789.


2nd QTR 2015 Newsletter

1st QTR 2015 Newsletter


Jefferson Bankshares, Inc. Annual Report

4th QTR 2014 Newsletter

3rd QTR 2014 Shareholder Letter

Jefferson Bankshares, Inc. Announces New Transfer Agent

2nd Qtr 2014 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2014 Newsletter


Jefferson Bank 2013 Annual Report

4th Qtr 2013 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2013 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2013 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2013 Newsletter


Jefferson Bank 2012 Annual Report

4th Qtr 2012 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2012 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2012 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2012 Newsletter



Jefferson Bank 2011 Annual Report

4th Qtr 2011 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2011 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2011 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2011 Newsletter


Jefferson Bank 2010 Annual Report

4th Qtr 2010 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2010 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2010 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2010 Newsletter


Jefferson Bank 2009 Annual Report

4th Qtr 2009 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2009 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2009 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2009 Newsletter


Jefferson Bank 2008 Annual Report

4th Qtr 2008 Newsletter

3rd Qtr 2008 Newsletter

2nd Qtr 2008 Newsletter

1st Qtr 2008 Newsletter


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